www.lauradasi.comI live my life with a profound sense of gratitude and amazement for all the beauty and wonder we get to experience.


“Every day and each encounter can be an opportunity for learning, growth and enrichment.”

~ Laura Dasi

I grew up in San Diego, CA from the time I was 3 years old. My loving parents always encouraged my curiosity and adventurous spirit. There were early signs that I must have been destined for a career in the performing arts as I imagined 4th of July fireworks to be ballerina’s tutus and only wanted to wear dresses whose skirts would flare out into a full circle when I twirled around.


After graduating from Point Loma High School I set my sights on making it in The Big Apple. I left home at 17 to pursue my dream of dancing in New York City and enjoyed a successful 7 years as a professional ballerina.

After turning my attention to marriage and family and getting to enjoy the first several years at home with my children, my body began yearning for expressive movement again. I found my way into yoga where I discovered not only new ways of moving but also a deeper spiritual side of myself. I returned to San Diego in 2002 and began supporting myself as a newly-single mom by teaching yoga.

Explorations in Capoeira, Samba, belly dance and poi spinning soon led me into performing once again. Realizing how much my soul yearned for the creative expression of being on stage, my performing career slowly expanded. I found my way into aerial arts in 2011 and truly found a place I consider home. My previous experience in gymnastic, ballet and yoga set the foundation for me to excel in this art form quickly.

Losing my hair to Alopecia Areata in 2009 was an extremely difficult, emotional struggle but also the most amazing opportunity I’ve ever had for self reflection, surrender, spiritual awakening, growth and healing. It made me realize what truly matters in life.

Appearing on Season 9 of America’s Got Talent gave me a chance not only to show my skill in aerial arts to the world but to inspire millions of people by sharing my story of overcoming a challenging time in my life to emerge triumphant. I hope to lead by example and encourage others to pursue their passion in life no matter what obstacles they may face.